Hi There, I am a Christian and I am actually in full-time ministry, currently serving as a missionary. However I am far far far from perfect…

This is my story, to share with others that you can’t wait til you’re all ready, and match all “criteria” before serving Him, plainly because thats never going to happen. It is my firm belief that He receives us as we are, and right there and then we are called to be His ministers, His hands and feet to bring that message of hope to a lost world. Of course He doesn’t want us to remain in the same condition as when we met Him, His word already says that we have to change from glory to glory.

Its also to remind me, and in some way, make me accountable, that I will get more and more serious about change in my own life.

Some of you after reading my posts might get real disgusted and say “how dare he serve in ministry ?” or “how can he call himself a Christian ?”, and I would have nothing to say that can refute that. I can only continue to pray and believe Him for His grace and mercy.  For those of you who would pray for me, I thank you, I need those prayers and all the encouragement I can get.

May this blog bring Him glory.


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