Moving Forward

Well its been a while, caught up with both stress and being lazy 🙂

Some days were great, other days needed improvement…

But one thing I want to thank God, my relationship with my wife is improving. Since the confession, I’ve been able to be more intimate with her, and she’s shared how its something she missed as well.

I had thought that it would be challenging, to come to a place of desiring my wife physically. With me being stuck in the rut of pornography for so long, I was little afraid that I wouldn’t be attracted to my wife because of some underlying comparison between her and the girls online. So I prayed and asked the Lord to help me…

Praise the Lord ! It wasn’t the case ! We’ve been able to hold hands more, hug each other more, and my desire for her seems to even be growing ! I don’t mean to make this sound dodgy or anything, but I really just want to give a praise report for the changes in me and  I know that even more is coming.

Thank you all for your being a part of this, and please keep praying for me !


One thought on “Moving Forward

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  1. Just visiting your blog for the first time. I really, really appreciate your transparency. You will be able to help so many people because of it! And it’s a true mark of humility. I bless you in Jesus’ name with all His fullness, in all that He created for you! He is so proud of you!


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