Sources of Temptation

Lately my girl has been down with the flu. She doesn’t sleep well, her nose is all stuffed up. She gets up in the middle of the night, cries out loud for milk… Its extremely difficult to get her to take meds, and even drink enough water.

Sometimes when these things happen, my wife loses it. And she doesn’t particularly handle it in a mature, motherly manner. She bursts basically, but nothing violent etc etc…  The fact that she can’t handle it and bursts out is getting more and more frustrating, “Why can’t she handle her emotions better?”. I mean if it were the first few times, maybe I could say she doesn’t know how to react, but after so long, there should be  a better understanding of how to handle the situation instead of still bursting like that…

I’ll then have to step in and start with the discipling. Later in the morning, I talk to my girl about it again, and remind her of what she was disciplined about.

The problem is, when such frustration arises, thoughts of masturbation come too. The thought of relieving that frustration and feeling better through masturbation. Kinda like I deserve to be able to, because of the ‘trauma’ I had to go through, like a prize or a reward I should get.. Just a couple of minutes before writing this, that exact thought came again..

Gotta keep that in mind, fighting it off, and keep trying to come to God with it instead of anywhere else.

Lord help me overcome !


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